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Minnesota's Iron Range offers one of the most attractive economic rebate programs in the country for filmmakers. The combination of the State Snowbate Reimbursement and the IRRRB Economic Rebate create up to a 45% Economic Rebate.


This program targets all major feature films, TV series and national commercials. The landscape of the region and the towns and cities resembles many places and can be doubled for other locations. The Iron Range is also accessible to major cities.

Ironbound Studios Minnesota is ready and able to help your production take advantage of Minnesota's film incentive programs.

25% Statewide Economic Rebate

  • Direct cash rebate, not tax credit

  • Above and Below the Line Spending

  • 60% of the film must be filmed in MN

20% IRRRB Economic Rebate

  • 20% of production budget

  • $500,000 cap per project

Minnesota IRRRB incentive region for film production